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Waterjet Solutions specialises in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of all conductive and non-conductive materials. With advances in technology, we can cut faster and with a superior quality of cut, making edge taper a thing of the past. Our commitment to customer satisfaction will give you confidence, knowing your project will be processed quickly and efficiently. We have the ability to handle everything from the smallest of parts to jobs at the peak of the industries abilities. With macro and water only nozzles, we can handle delicate and diverse work as well. We work with you, suggesting ways you can achieve your needs more cost effective and time efficient, making the best use of our “State-of- the-Art” technology.

Waterjet Cutting and how it fits your needs… Waterjet cutting technology is 5 times faster than wire e.d.m.; it also has the ability to cut non-conductive and conductive materials. Unlike Laser cutting, Waterjet cutting is heat free to the material being cut, resulting in no Heat Affected Zone. Waterjet Solutions can also cut materials up to 150mm thick. Waterjet cutting won’t leave the ratty edge that you get with flame or plasma cutting. Let our expertise work for you…

Our waterjets can be used for cutting a wide variety of materials including steel, titanium, bronze, aluminum and more see our home page for the list. Whether you supply the material or we supply it for you, Waterjet Solutions provides cost effective service with outstanding results.

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